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🛸 Project management is an important element, and not even a video game studio can be exempt from it. It’s complicated enough as it is, so if we could use a unique tool on a daily basis,...

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About Mineo Games

We believe in virtual reality as the future of gaming. We are devoted to make games that transport you. Our main focus are:


Where this all began?

Ever since I can remember, I've been in love with video games.
It's a passion that's stayed with me throughout my life and undoubtly influenced my career path in Software Engineering.
In our spare moments, a group of like-minded friends and I embarked on thrilling game jams. Those short-themed video game creation contests that, despite little sleep, were full of fun and invaluable learning experiences.
We began our journey in the world of 2D game development, but soon we explored the realm of 3D gaming. It was during this time that Unreal Engine captured my heart.

In 2017, we embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Japan to attend the Tokyo Game Show.
There, we had our first real encounter with VR technology, which was still in its early stages.
But among all the incredible experiences we had, one stood out – Polygon VR. It was a unique and mind-blowing fully-tracked adventure that had us donning PCs on our backs and wielding rifles.
We could see and interact with each other's avatars as we freely moved in a spacious room.
That experience made me feel like we were on a mission as a commando team, fully immersed in the virtual world.
I could crouch behind objects for cover, leap over chasms, and fire with my own arms.
It was a revelation that sparked a dream – to create similar emotions for other players.

Two years later, I received my Oculus Start pack, marking the official launch of Mineo Games. It's been an incredible journey, and I can't wait to continue bringing immersive, exhilarating VR experiences to players.

Guillaume Escarieux, Mineo Games founder



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