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Dung Beetle


Dung Beetle is a 3D game (non VR) that we first developed in 3 days for the Ludum Dare 38(a famous game jam).

You control a beetle that puts all its efforts into bringing home its ball of dung. Let yourself dive into this small world. Discover that from this point of view, every day is a challenge.

How to play ?

Move your beetle and walk through the ball of dung to push it. You can play either with a gamepad or mouse & keyboard. The gamepad is advised for a better experience.

Did you know it ? The Dung Beetle uses its back paws to push its booty!

Gamepad controls:

Keyboard controls:

Be sure to use the mouse/right analog to properly orient the beetle.

Youtuber’s review

Thank you 돼지저금통, You Big Nonce for your video!

Dung Beetle gameplay