Mineo Games first exhibition - SDJV72 2021

Le 11/20/2021

Mineo Games was invited to participate in the Salon de La Flèche 2021 exhibition.

Mineo Games is at SDJV72

Due to covid, some things were different from usual… First thing, the location was unique: the city of La Fleche’s cinema 🎞.

It was the perfect occasion to reveal Shark Hunt 🦈 to the public!

For that we made a special reveal trailer that would be projected at the event:

Shark Hunt SDJV72 trailer

And to have a demo, we worked hard to integrate the fight with the shark and correct a lot of bugs in time 🥵.

We had built a stand on the theme of Shark Hunt: special decorations like warning signs, oysters with pearls, shark head, pencil cup…

We even provided shark-shaped candies to treat players’ taste buds 🍬!

We also prepared business cards and posters showing QR codes linking to Mineo Games social networks and Patreon page.

Mineo games stand

We organized a game that recalls Shark Hunt’s gameplay to win prizes 🎲. People may plunge their hand into the bag and pick up a pearl to participate, and each pearl color allows you to win a different prize.

goodies game

During the show, I participated in an interview 🎤 with other actors in the video games industry. We talked about what brought us to jump into our passion job, what excites us in the upcoming technologies,… It felt like both a daunting and fantastic experience!😛

Relive the round table here:

SDJV72 Round table

Can you guess who came? The special guest this year was Marcus, a famous french video games journalist. He is a funny guy and a VR enthusiast. It was nice to talk with him and watch him play Shark Hunt, and his encouragement cheered me up a lot! 🤗

Watch the video of Marcus playing Shark Hunt: Marcus playing Shark Hunt

Many players came to try Shark Hunt and face their fear 😱; even children weren’t afraid! Watching players apprehending the game and getting them feedback was much helpful. 🙏

What did I learn?

A point to improve would be the testing preparation phase. It took a lot of time and repetition to teach everyone the gameplay and controls of the game. 😣

Mainly everything was new for me as it was my first exhibition as an exhibitor. I realized the hardness of the task: talking to many people at the stand and on stage is very tiring.

Overall, this first exhibition has resulted in a step up for Mineo Games 🚀. A success that motivates to continue with passion! 🤩

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